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The Range

Kombucha is a refreshing, sparkling fermented tea drink.  It’s a great alternative to other soft drinks which typically are high in sugar or artificial sweeteners.  We brew our Kombucha the traditional way with 4 ingredients – tea, water, sugar and culture. Simple and Delicious!

Just TEA

Being based in Derbyshire we love our tea.  We decided to take our love of tea and produce a range of Kombucha brewed with some of the finest teas from around the world.

Botanicals and Fruits

Kombucha and fruit are a match made in heaven and we love to experiment with flavours from golden oldies, such as lemon and ginger, to exciting combos such as tamarind and lemon grass.


We brew Kombucha in an authentic way ensuring all the natural acids and bacteria (the healthy stuff!) are alive and kicking in our drink.

Eco Friendly

Where we brew our kombucha is designed to minimise the use of electricity by using ground source heating to keep our brews at optimum temperature.

Locally Sourced

We source as much as we can from within a 10 mile radius of our brewery and sometimes we even use produce harvested from the farm!

The origins of kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient drink originating from the Far East, probably China, and has been brewed in various forms for at least 2000 years.  The process by which Kombucha is produced involves 4 ingredients – Tea, Water, Sugar and Culture.  These ingredients ferment to produce a refreshing delicious drink, low in sugar and alcohol and full of flavour. No wonder the Tsin Dynasty referred to it as ‘The Tea of Immortality’!



About Us

We originally came across Kombucha on a visit to the USA, bored with the usual soft drink choices we gave Kombucha a try and it was love at first sip!  On returning to the UK we researched Kombucha and started brewing it in our kitchen.  In 2019 we renovated an old barn and started brewing on a bigger scale but still maintaining the authenticity and dedication to flavour that we had at the beginning.


Contact Us

Interested in finding out more about what we do?  Have a question about our product? Then reach out and contact us.


Mount Pleasant Farm,

Back Lane

Brackenfield, DE55 6AJ




M-F: 11am – 4pm

Sat: 10am – 4pm

Sun: 10am – 4pm

Commercial Production of Kombucha – A grant to support to re-purpose a semi derelict barn into a kombucha production unit